Ryzen 7 Pro can give the necessary acceleration for AMD

AMD is apparently preparing a new Ryzen 5000U mobile processor lineup for its notebooks. Incoming information shows that the processor can be an important competitor for Intel.

The new AMD Ryzen processors will have the Pro series name. At the same time, processors that will appeal to more business users will offer some advanced featuresThese include system memory encryption to protect sensitive information and provide Microsoft cloud support.
Ryze The 7 Pro 5850 is the benchmark data @TUM_APISAK Twitter user named userbenchmark determined through a couple. As we can deduce from the test, the new 5800U is based on the Ryzen 7 5800U. Because the basic clock speed of the processor with eight cores and sixteen threads can be seen as 1.9GHz. So it's the same as the 5800U. Although the result does not include the maximum speed, the average increased speed is 3.65GHzWe can say that it got a very high score compared to other processors tested on UserBenchmark.

In addition, the same user shared a feature document on the HP site that is currently unavailable. Two new  SKU processors can be seen there too: Ryzen 7 5850U and Ryzen 5 5650U. The maximum speeds of these two processors in the document are 4.4 and 4.2GHz, respectively.
There is no benchmark result for the Ryzen 5 5650U processor. Because Ryzen 5000U Pro processors have not been officially announced yet. So it's hard to say anything clear about whether other SKU processors will come for the Pro series of processors.
However, if we consider that in times of increased use of laptops, AMD firm desktop devices that recently to catch momentum here as an important catch for that effort can imagine.
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