Xiaomi introduced the Mi Air Charge long-range charger

Xiaomi company introduced the Mi Air Charge technology this Friday morning. According to the company, it will be possible to charge many devices at the same time with remote charging technology. However, it will be possible to charge a phone that is in use. This will even be true when walking or when there is an obstacle in between.

The company shared details about the new technology on Twitter. The transmitter shown is almost as big as a small table placed next to the sofa; But perhaps using this size, it provides phones with up to 5W charging support.

This type of charging technology is independent of the Qi standard. However, smartphones also need to be equipped with some buyers. Afterwards, the millimeter wave signal transmitted by the charging station is detected by fourteen antennas on the phone. Perceived signals are converted into electrical energy with the help of a circuit.

In its current form, the Xiaomi remote charging station can charge several devices with 5W. The distance limit set is "a few meters". Xiaomi also states that physical objects will not reduce the effect of charging. However, this situation is likely to have some exceptions. Finally, the company notes that this technology will be compatible with smart watches and other technological accessories later.

There is no release date for the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge system. In fact, it is a question mark whether the technology will come to the normal customer marketHowever, if it comesit will not be cheap. Still, it's exciting to see such thoughts and innovations.
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