Antec Releases Airflow Focused D700 FLUX Chassis

Antec is launching in 2021 with a new casing optimized for airflow. The brand new D700 FLUX is in the third chassis position in the new FLUX series. Provides enhanced ventilation through the F-LUX design.

Due to the increased cooling requirements of high-end CPUs such as Intel's 10th Generation Core series or AMD's Ryzen 5000 series, Antec is experimenting with new ideas to improve heat dissipation. The team switched to the F-LUX design, which has an advanced chassis structure focusing on airflow along with 5 preinstalled 120mm fans.

With dimensions of 467mm x 220mm x 486mm (DxWxH), the DF700 FLUX offers numerous features that come with Antec's original F-LUX platform. The F-LUX platform adopts a powerful ventilation system design through the lower right panel, drawing cold air into the chassis and then into the main interior. The front panel is designed using a three-dimensional wave-shaped mesh.

The case comes with three 120mm ARGB fans on the front through the ventilation in the right-side panel and at the bottom a 120mm reverse fan above the PSU compartment to draw cool air into the case, offering a higher level of GPU cooling performance.

The DF700 FLUX offers space for nine fans in total. In terms of liquid cooling support, there is room for a 360mm radiator at the front and top of the case and a 120mm radiator at the rear. If you install the fans towards the outside of the radiator, the maximum supported radiator thickness is 55 mm.

As for the ARGB fans included, there is a built-in LED controller that you can connect to easily control all your ARGB accessories . Other features include seven expansion slots, space for three 3.5-inch HDDs or three 2.5-inch SSDs.

The front I/O panel has two USB 3.0 ports, power button, HD Sound and LED control button. Finally, there are magnetic dust filters on the top, front, bottom and side of the case for easy cleaning.
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