Wireless charging headset Legion H600 is coming soon

While Lenovo will introduce its new Legion gaming laptop devices soon, the Legion H600 gaming headset with wireless charging, which was exhibited before them, is curious. The charging station, which will be sold separately from the headset, seems to be very important for the headset that can be charged by hanging on the station.

With a price of $89, the Lenovo Legion S600 Gaming Station can not only charge your headset, but also your phone with 10W if it is supported. Apart from that, supported mice or other wireless devices can also benefit from this station. Although similar technologies are observed in products such as the Astro A50 headset, this type of wireless charging may provide a more stable experience. Because the Legion S600, which provides an always-open charging station, provides a practical use with the function of hanging the headset. Although it is difficult to predict how the hanging feature will work without experimenting, it should be noted that there is no device that offers similar practicality on the market.

At the same time, the Legion H600 headset, which can be an important option for middle segment player ears; It has 50mm audio drivers and an efficient 2.4GHz wireless receiver up to 12m. In addition, rotatable ear cushions,microphone that can be muted when twisted, and noise control are among the possibilities.

Lenovo Legion H600 and S600 devices are likely to be tried around April 2021. Probably then we can find a clearer information about how the devices will provide the user with an experience. However, for now, the ability to use a wireless charging headset and a station for different devices in a practical way does not sound bad.
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