Huawei P50 Series Features Become Clear!

The Huawei P50 Series, which houses Huawei's new flagship models, gradually reveals the features of its devices.

Huawei's new flagship models will be released in 2021. The P50 Series, which is expected to come in three different models, also reveals its new features. The P50 Pro, which emerged with its design just before 2021, now exhibits its features with other versions.

Having suffered a hard hit from the USA in 2020, Huawei continues to work for the future of the company at full speed. Planning to achieve success with the P50 SeriesHuawei plans to attract attention with the new generation Kirin 9010 and 9020 processors that it will introduce in 2021. Of course, it is possible to use these processors in the P50 Series.

The screen dimensions of the P50 Series have been revealed!

Someone with the username RODENT950 on Twitter posted new details about the devices. Stating that the Huawei P50 Series will come with different screen sizes, Rodent950 stated that the series will include6.1-6.2 inch small screen model, a 6.6 inch medium screen size model and a 6.8 inch large screen model. These models are estimated to be Huawei P50P50 Pro and P50 Pro+, respectively.

On the other hand, another known detail about the screens is that the screens of the P50 Series models will be produced by Samsung and LG. Samsung and LG Display as Huawei's display supplier Among the incoming leaks is working with . Samsung and LG screens will be used in these highly probable models. This will greatly improve the screen quality of the devices.

Apart from this information, not much is known about the Huawei P50 Series. It is only known that the P50 Pro model is 159 x 73 mm in size. However, there is no dimensional information about the other two models. The P50 Series, which is expected to be introduced in the first half of 2021, seems to be on the rise for Huawei. How do you think the P50 Series will affect Huawei? Will the ice between Huawei and the USA thaw in 2021?
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