Windows 10 version usage rates shared

According to the report, Windows 10 2004, one of the latest releases, has exceeded40% usage rate. At the same time, with the increase of the latest fixed version 20H2, there has been a decrease in version usage divisions around Windows.

AdDuplex, an analysis firm, has published the last report of the year it created on the use of Windows 10 versions. While the company's analysis does not include mixed data and information, we are able to get an overview of the situation of the operating system on the market rates. The tests carried out with the information gathered based on the use of the applications on the Microsoft Store cover exactly 80,000 computers.

The new strategy of Windows 10 updates seems to work

With the change in the update model, the big update in spring is now supported by an update such as the Service Pack coming in the fall. And this strategy seems to have worked. According to the data, the usage rate of the two versions released in 2020 is more than half of the computers with Windows 10. This is the first time that the operating system came out five years ago. Also, although there are still errors that can be seen in different versions, they are not that many and big errors anymore, especially as in 2018.

We have already mentioned the change in the update model. Although presenting a software more frequently with possible innovations and technologies to the users provides some advantages; it leads to more bugs, continuity issues and less quality software due to the time in between. With an annual large update model, it provides a more controlled and continuous management for the company. Therefore, users and businesses tend to update in a shorter time with the increase of their confidence in the latest versions.

As can be seen in the chart, this year's spring update, Windows 10 2004, closes the year with a rate of 40%. The latest version of Windows 10 20H2, on the other hand, doubled its usage in two months and reached 13%. While other versions can be seen on the chart, the Windows  10 1909 version stands out with a ratio of one third.

Especially with the new year, we can predict that the devices that will be upgraded will increase. Therefore, the distinction between different versions of Windows operating systems will be gradually reduced. Thus, it seems that the way for less but permanent versions that will make users and companies more pleased will open up even more.
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