Honor laptops return to Windows 10

After leaving Huawei a few months ago, Honor went to sign a deal with Microsoft. Thus, Honor will be able to officially start using the Windows 10 operating system on its new laptops.

As mentioned, Huawei was planning to use the Android -based Harmony operating system on its computers. This meant computers could have quite a challenge in markets around the world.

In the continuation of the news sent by China Daily with the approval of Honor CEO Zhao Ming, it is stated that Honor was not affected by the embargoes imposed by the United States after leaving Huawei. Therefore, it is said that the company, which can use the Microsoft license more easily, has increased its sales and support potential for its future computers.

That said, Xiang Liang, general manager of the Information Consumption Alliance, a telecommunications industry organization, said; The collaboration of an American company with Honor may indicate that more companies are on this path in the near future. This creates a situation for Honor that can offer a solution to production problems. In fact, one of the expectations of the company in this regard is that this agreement will put its relations with other American manufacturers such as Qualcomm back on track. Thus, the company can experience a renewal in smart phone devices.

On the other hand, although the recently seen Honor MagicBook Pro laptop models used Ryzen 5 4000 series processors; It is thought that this agreement with Microsoft will pave the way for Intel i5 processors to be included in new devices in the near future. Thus, it seems possible to keep features such as dual channel 16GB RAM and 512GB  SSD PCIe.

However, the handicap in the new MagicBook Pro devices that are likely to be used by Microsoft and Intel will be their prices. Because the current $ 899 price is likely to increase with these two brands involved.
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