Some fast charging features of OPPO Find X3 Pro have been leaked!

The technical specifications of the OPPO brand Find X3 Pro flagship have emerged with a leak. The smartphone is planned to be released in the first quarter of 2021. According to various rumors, it will come with new camera lenses and a high quality screen. However, it will come with 65W fast charging, not 125W Flash Charge technology announced in July. This news must have been disappointing for fans who are eagerly waiting for this super-fast charging technology to be unveiled in the flagship OPPO Find X series. Let's look into the details of the leaks we got from a Chinese leak source.

What are the details for OPPO Find X3 Pro leaks?

Our leak source for OPPO Find X3 Pro is a user named Digital Chat Station , which you often hear from such news. According to a Weibo post by the user, 125W fast charging technology was tested on a prototype smartphone. Thanks to this technology, the 4500 mAh battery can charge one hundred percent from zero to about 20 minutes. But while it's really fast, thermal management still has its flaws. Therefore, OPPO seems to come across with 65W fast charging as it seems. Because this heat problem may not be resolved in time before the launch of the smartphone.

Still, not all of our news is news. According to the information we just received, OPPO has optimized the charging algorithm for 65W fast charging to make it faster. The source says the phone can be fully charged in about 32 minutes. The Find x2 Pro model can be charged within 38 minutes, but the Find x2 Pro model had a 4260 mAh battery. It is also reported that the Find X3 Pro will support 30W fast wireless charging .

Other reported features include a 6.7-inch curved OLED display with a 120 Hz refresh rate , two 50 MP sensor quad cameras, 13 MP telephoto cameras and a 3 MP macro camera. In addition, a new NFC will have the module and  Android-based 11 coloros 11 I  will run.
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