Oppo and Sony are together this time for the Find X3 series!

Oppo recently introduced the flagship Reno5 Pro + 5G , which includes the Sony IMX766 image sensor, with the introduction in its homeland. Oppo and Sony, who have recently accomplished very successful collaborations, may come together again for the Find X3 series. According to reports leaked from China, the new sensor named IMX789 will be used for the first time in this series.

Oppo Find X3 Pro will have IMX789!

The two companies, which have had successful collaborations on special sensors in the past, will now roll up their sleeves for the Oppo Find X3 series. Before the last example, Reno5 Pro + 5G , we saw a Sony sensor in Oppo Find X2 Pro . The sensor named IMX689 offered very superior features for a smartphone with its 1/1.43 inch size and 48 MP Quad Bayer filter. The f/1.7 aperture that Oppo added to the sensor, which also has a dual ISO that can adapt to different light scenarios, offered a beautiful camera experience. Oppo Find X2 Pro, which can do impressive work with its camera even today, shows how successful this cooperation can be.

Based on the name of the IMX789, it can be said that it will be the continuation of the IMX689 we mentioned above. Among the innovations that are expected to improve the processing capacity of the sensor and increase the number of sensors physically. Although we know that the IMX789 is produced for the Oppo Find X3 series, it is not yet clear which models will have this sensorOppo and Sony co-production sensor Finder Pro X3 when looking certain to be the Finder X3 or as a third option Finder X3 Pro+'s unknown what kind of will be presented with a camera system.
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