Samsung is shortening the pre-order time for the S21 series!

The S21 series models, which are the device family with the most leakage news, came up with a different news this time. Allegedly Korean companyin January will be offered for sale in the S21 family more short a time to pre-order the open shed.

The S21 series, whose almost all details were reached before the launch, continues to be spoken with different leaks and news. The launch date for the series, which was planned to be introduced by Samsung in January, was leaked as the second half of the month. The latest leaks are related to the pre-order that will be opened after this date.

Pre-order time is shortened for the S21 series

Twitter is a shared tweet communicate the sammobil tothe Samsung for the device in South Korea, the party pre-order will shorten the time he claimed. The tweet, which is shown as a news source, shows the start date for pre-order as January 15, 2021. With the closing date of pre-orders on January 21, 2021, Samsung will have kept the new generation flagship series models in pre-order for week2-week pre-order period from previous launches Given the company also half an acronym seems gone.

Stock status and market expectation may be effective in this decision.

Analysts say 2020 years, the smart phone market for quite different dynamics accept it as a process that may arise. Users of smartphones this year for higher wages much to pay warm the look and other economic reasons, analysts' reports at the company and the policy seems to impress. Analysts good deed: the case of the right of Samsung devices of the wing sale of units than would be the front to see and accordingly inventory adjustmentMaking quite the normal assesses.

The new S series, which has three members, including the S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra 5G model, will be introduced on January 14, according to leaks. Apart from the pre-order leak, the possibility of the device to be introduced on January 14 is strengthened with the new display technology that the company has already approved on January 6 and the launch of the new Exynos chip on January 12.
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