New Apple TV will focus on gaming experience

The news release from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said Apple plans to release a new Apple TV next year with an updated game-oriented remote control and a more powerful up-to-date processor.

When is Apple TV coming out? What are the expectations?

Gurman has previously stated that Apple is working on a new remote control with "Find" features, which will make it easier to find the remote that is lost in the environment. As part of Apple's gaming focus, there were also rumors that it might offer a dedicated game controller for Apple TV. However, it is still unclear what it will look like and what its features will be.

Earlier this year, an anonymous leak source known as "Fudge" on Twitter said that Apple was prototyping new Apple TV models with variants of the A12 and A14 chips for faster performance. If the rumors are true, Apple may use two different chips for two different Apple TV models it will release. At the same time, Fudge added that Apple plans to bring console-quality games that cannot work with existing Apple TV models to the Apple Arcade service.

There are 32GB and 64GB options for the current Apple TV 4K model. It is also rumored that the new Apple TV will have 64GB and 128GB storage capacity options, which are higher than this.

All these potential features have been spoken over and over and the Apple TV 4K was launched over three years ago. So for the next year, the prospect of a new Apple TV coming up seems pretty good.
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