The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE model has been announced!

Samsung is preparing to meet its users with the Galaxy S21 FE model. The South Korean giant continues to work for the new member of the highly popular series. New information about the smartphone has emerged. The battery capacity and code name of the device have been revealed on a Dutch website. The smartphone with the code name R9 will have a higher battery capacity than the Galaxy S21. The smartphone will meet its users with a battery capacity of 4500 mAh.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE comes with a bigger battery!

Samsung continues to make additional additions to its flagship Galaxy phones. With the Galaxy FE series, the South Korean giant, which has adapted its flagship devices to be more affordable, is also very insistent on releasing new devices. Especially praised with the Galaxy S20 FE , the smartphone manufacturer is about to adapt the same model in the Galaxy S21. The company that took the market by storm with its flagship Galaxy S21 last year, FEHe is quite confident in the success of his models. As you know, Galaxy S20 FE is highly preferred in our country. The price-performance-oriented smartphone promises flagship performance without hitting the flagship smartphone prices. For this reason, the smart phone, which attracts attention, is also highly preferred abroad. The 4G- enabled model is currently on the market, and the 5G version of the device will be introduced soon. However, the company is gradually preparing the Galaxy S21 FE model to the market. The company will introduce the new phone in August.

Shortly before its introduction, new information about the device emerged. The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE model has been announced. The smartphone will meet its users with a 4500 mAh battery. The smartphone will have a higher capacity than the Galaxy S21 base model. A similar situation occurred with the S20 FE model. As you know, the company kept the battery of the S20 FE model higher than the S20 base model. Apart from the battery model of the smartphone, the code name was also evident. A Dutch tech site uncovered the device's codename. Smartphone R9with code name. Thanks to the code name, the certificate sites entered by the smartphone can now be followed more easily. However, the battery of the smartphone has model number EB-BG990ABY . This brought to mind the possible model number of the device. According to preliminary estimates, the smartphone will be released with the model number SM-G990B . However, it should not be forgotten that there is no exact detail on this subject.

Samsung Galaxy S21 will take the stage at FE Unpacked!

The smart phone focused on price performance will be presented to its users this year. However, some information has emerged in the past weeks regarding the possible design details of the device. The design of the device was revealed on the website called The Voice, which is famous for its leaks . According to the images shared by OnLeaks, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will be released with a 6.4-inch screen. The smartphone, which is considered to come with an AMOLED display panel, will additionally have a perforated screen technology. The front camera will also be located in the upper center of this perforated screen. In addition, the front camera is claimed to be 32 MP . However, the smartphone It will have a larger screen than the Galaxy S21 model. As you know, the Galaxy S21 was launched with a 6.2-inch screen. In addition, the Galaxy S21 FE model will have a thickness of 7.9 mm . The smartphone will have three cameras on the back. However, no detail has yet emerged regarding the features of the rear cameras.

Of course, the claims for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE , which do not have detailed technical specifications , do not end. The smartphone is claimed to be released in two versions. The fact that one of these versions is released with the Exynos 2100 processor and the other with the Snapdragon 888 processor. In addition , it is estimated that the smartphone will have 128/256 GB storage options. The smartphone, a popular model in terms of price performance, will take the stage at the Unpacked event on August 19 . However, the company seems to be announcing the Galaxy S20 FE 5G model soon. Let's see Samsung, Fan Edition We will wait and see if it will continue to take the market by storm with its models.
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