i9-11900K processor leak giving clues about game performance

There is more information about Intel's upcoming Rocket Lake processors. This time the information reflects the characteristics of the chips and the gaming performance of the 11th generation flagship. In particular, the game comparison of the Intel Core i9-11900K Rocket Lake processor and Comet Lake 10900K draws attention.

VideoCardz has detected this post on Weibo and on Twitter. Therefore, it isuseful to take care of leaks, as always. Still,we can say thatthis informationgives an idea of the possible performance of the Core i9-11900K processor. The 8-core and 16-thread processor is reportedlyrunning at 3.5GHz. Increased clock speed in a single core reaches 5.3GHz. In all cores, this figure is 4.7GHz.

On the other hand, in the tests performed in four different games at high settings and 1080p resolution; The i9-11900K processor provides up to 14% frame rate increase over the previous generation 10900K. While this percentage is seen in Microsoft Flight Simulator; Another game, Gears 5, has an increase of 9%.
In addition to the fact that these are leaks, it should not be forgotten that certain situations can be selected and presented in the incoming tests. For example, the tests may have come with some changes in the selected games, game settings or the system under test. Even the videocardz of incoming information according to the frame rate instead of another one measurement possible even to offer.
Still, if the leaks are correct, significant improvements appear to have been made. However, after the processors are released, we can see the difference between both Intel and AMD processors in future tests.
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