Black Shark 4 will come with 120W fast charging support!

We know that Black Shark will announce the new flagship smartphones of the Black Shark 4 series at the end of this month or early March. The TENAA certificate of the device shows that the model numbers KSR-A0 and PRS-A0 belong to the series. Earlier this month, the KSR-A0 model was certified by China's 3C platform. Now the PRS-A0 variant has gone through the certification process of 3C.

How many W fast charging will the Black Shark 4 series have?

4 Black Shark 's KSR-A0 model of the 3C certification, the device quickly charge up to 120w shows that support. Moreover, this quick charger supports charging device also phone the box will appear. The PRS-A0 variant that emerged today is certain to come with the same 120W fast charging in the 3C database. TENAA images of the PRS-A0 model showed that the device would be a cheaper phone compared to the KSR-A0. This is because the PRS-A0 hasflat back have. According to the TENAA listing, the KSR-A0 will have a 6.67-inch screen, Android 11 operating system and a 4500 mAh battery.

4 Black Shark's top model, Snapdragon 888 from the chipset will power. The sub- model of the series will come with the Snapdragon 870 chipset, according to a trusted source120W fast charging every two in the model is not quite the series in terms of importance. However, the fact that the series will appeal to the players reveals needs such as fast charging and high battery capacity. Also for gamers on devices privatizations must also be found. Recently in about the device more knowledge we expect the emergence.
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