Realme Vice President approved leather version for GT 5G!

The leather-covered version, which was introduced in the past period and expected to come with the Race model, received the official approval. Leather version claims for Realme Race seem to have been confirmed for the GT 5GGizchina calls the version 'BumbleBee Edition' because of the leather-covered back colors.
Realme Vice President Xu Qi Chase's post on Weibo ended discussions about the next leather version with the new model. It is clear that the GT 5G, which is expected to be launched by Realme under the name Race, will also have a leather-covered version. The color of the leather coating is the kind that will delight Transformers lovers.

GT 5G comes with leather covering

It has been said for a while that the GT 5G model, which is expected to be released soon, will have a leather-covered version. The latest news not only confirms this variant, but also hosts some other details. The version that emerged with the post of Xu Qi Chase on Weibo has yellow and black colorsBumblebee, the character we are familiar with from the Transformers series and loved by the masses, has also inspired the Realme side. The name of the model, which is expected to be named 'Bumblebee Edition' due to its colors and style, is not yet clear.

Realme prefers triple camera

The image shared by Chase doesn't look that different from the other launch images. The triple camera compartment stands out in the image, which includes color and design details. However, the company has preferred to use a 64MP sensor in this model. There is no detail about the other two 13MP sensors accompanying the main camera. However, the expectation is that one will be Ultra Wide Angle and the other will be Telephoto.

Launch date: March 4th

According to the information shared by Gizchina, the company will launch the device on March 4. Currently, China in particular, which of the models soon to other markets in the introduction is expected. Another claim about the device is about another design version. Thereis no other detail about the other version, which is expected to hosta dazzling glass panel.

GT 5G, the first Realme flagship model for 2021

The device, which will be powered by the Snapdragon 888, will be the first flagship to be introduced by Realme in 2021. The new model 12GB of RAM found to 256GB UFS 3.1 standard will include storage space. While GT 5G is expected to have different RAM and ROM options, a 4880 mAh battery will power the device. The relatively high-capacity battery is accompanied by a 65W fast charging adapter. Apart from the versions, the only approved color option for the device is 'Silver'. However, on the interface side, Realme UI 2.0 running on Android 11 will meet. The price of the device is a matter of curiosity for now.
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