Realme Narzo 30 Series Launch Date Announced!

Realme has officially announced the launch date of the Narzo 30 series. Here is the launch date when Realme Narzo 30 models will be introduced.
We can say that the countdown has begun for the Realme Narzo 30 series, which includes Realme's new smartphone models. The Narzo 30 series, which has been spoken for a while, includes the Narzo 30 Pro model with 5G technology. In addition, the series, which includes another smartphone model called 30A, also brings the Buds Air 2 model with it. Now let's take a look at what is known about the devices.

Announcing that it will launch a launch in February, Realme will introduce 3 new models at this launch. However, the features of these models are unknown. Although Realme did not give details about its new models, he made a statement that he was a game ninja for the 30A.
In addition, while it is said that the Buds Air 2 model will come with ANC technology, we know that the Narzo 30 Pro 5G will be powered by the Dimensity 800U chipset. However, other features of the models are currently unknown.

Narzo 30 series introduction date!

Let's get to the date the series will be introduced. Realme announced the launch date of the Narzo 30 series as February 24 . Realme will launch with live broadcasts on Twitter, Youtube and Facebook at 12:30 (IST / 07:00 UTC). Realme's curious models will be revealed at the event, which will take place online due to pandemic rules.
Realme, which will appear with three new models in total, has already managed to attract attention with its devices. Realme plans to expand its product range with three new models and offer more options to users. However, the company, which ensures the continuity of the Narzo series, will put the name of the series in mind with three new models.
Lastly, there is information that the Realme Narzo 30 Pro model will come with a 120Hz display. Do you think Narzo 30 Pro will really come with a 120Hz display? You can express your ideas in the comments.
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