The OnePlus 9 series will come with a charger in the box!

Last month, the last true reliability higher source, OnePlus 9 series of 4500 mAh battery with the future had suggested. Now, popular leaker Max Jambor said that OnePlus' new series will have a charger out of the box. It also confirmed previous leaks with this post. Jamba is, box from the charge of the instruments few W would he give any information about. However, according to estimatesthe speed of the charger that comes out of the box is the maximum speed supported by the device .will be the same.

How many mAh battery will the OnePlus 9 series come with?

new leak has appeared on Twitter, showing the battery capacity of the device. According to this leak, both phones have dual-cell battery technologyIn the Twitter post, it is stated that the devices will come with a battery capacity of 4500 mAh. According to the source, OnePlus 9 Pro will support 65W fast chargingIt seems likely that the base model will also support this speed. Also, according to the leaksboth devices will support wireless fast charging. This charging speed is possible up to 45W. There is no information about the Lite model yet.

What has emerged about OnePlus' new flagship series so far?

The OnePlus 9 series will be powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset. Both phones will have a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz. However, the pro model will use a 6.78-inch QHD+ resolution panel. But the base model of 6:56 inch Full HD+ resolution inscreen that will be encountered. The series is predicted to come in March. Therefore, we may hear more about the device in the coming days.
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