Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will be released this year!

Xiaomi's CEO water Lei Jin, today Min Fans with a press conference held. At the meeting, he made some statements about the old seriesLei Jun confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 and its next generation Mi Pad series will be released this yearAfter the CEO's speech, Xiaomi's product director Wang Teng also approved this statementAccording to Wang Teng, the Mi Mix 4 is coming this year, but we 'll have to waitbit for that.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 ve yeni nesil Mi Pad hakkında neler biliyoruz?

Xiaomi was producing new devices for the Mi Mix series until May 2019. However, although two years have passed, a new Mi Mix series device has not been introduced. Last year, a fully screen-concept phone called Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha tried to debut. But this device disappeared shortly after launch. Now, after a two-year break, the company's CEO confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 will come. Xiaomi's last tablet is Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 is called. This tablet, 2018 the year he released. Since Mi Pad 4 did not attract much attention in the year it was released, the company gave up focusing on the tablet market.

A few days ago, it was a matter of curiosity in social media whether Xiaomi's new tablet will have pen support. "Editingresponse came from Xiaomi 's official Weibo account. This answer shows that the new tablet will come with pen support. Until now, there was no smart pen support on any Xiaomi tablet.
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