The OnePlus 9 will have the same screen as the OnePlus 8T!

There have been many leaks regarding the OnePlus 9 series recently. These leaks were usually related to the hardware specifications of the device. Now, there are new rumors about the phone's screen and overall design. The design seems likely to be similar to the OnePlus designs we've been used to seeing in the past.

What kind of screen will the OnePlus 9 have?

Pocketnow based on information shared by OnePlus 9 OnePlus 8T with the same screen will have. 2020 flagship that OnePlus 8T, point hole in the upper left corner selfie camera designed to keep. This screen is 6.55 inches in size, has a screen refresh rate of 120 Hz and uses the AMOLED panel type. Also, there is no curvature on the screen. In the past months, some users have expressed on social media that they do not like the curved screens. Following this incident, Samsung and we've seen other manufacturers start to move towards flat screens instead of curved screensOnePlus seems to continue to use a flat screen on the OnePlus 9 after the Oneplus 8T.

The resulting flat screen leak is also compatible with renderings released in November 2020. The overlap of these two leaks increases the likelihood of accuracy. It is estimated that the Pro model of the series will come with a curved screenThe arrival of OnePlus 9 with the screen on the OnePlus 8T may be related to the DxOMark score of the 8T model. However OnePlus 9's also likescore to take possibleseems. The succession of leaks about the series indicates that the devices may be introduced soon.
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