HTC announced growth for the third month in a row

The idea that the company, which announced its earnings in November and December, could not carry it to the third month, was circulating. However, HTC deceived skeptics and posted a profit for the third consecutive month.

HTC posted a profit of about 17.61 million with Taiwan $ 493 million last month. This figure was about 3% higher than the previous year.

The figure announced in January is about 20% less than DecemberHowever, for the technology companies of January; HTC was likely to see a decline, especially considering it was generally quiet for phone companiesDespite this, the firm again declared profit.

There is even better news besides the firm's announcement of growth for three months in a row. That is, the growth rate seems to be increasing gradually. The growth rate, which was 0.96% in November, was 1.02% in DecemberIn January the 2.99% we can see that by providing a substantial increase.

When HTC announced three consecutive months of growth, the calendar was early 2015. This means months after the release of the successful HTC One M8 phone. In the same period, the arrival of the HTC One M9 phone was also among the expected.

We will have to wait and see whether HTC, once one of the giant companies in the smartphone field, can continue this growth. However, it seems possible to say that the current figures seem positive.
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