Motorola Ibiza will have a screen refresh rate of 90 Hz!

New details about the Motorola Ibiza have been leaked. The smartphone that the company has positioned at the entry level will have a screen refresh rate of 90 Hz .

The entry-level smartphone comes with a 90 Hz display!

Motorola wants to become more permanent in the smartphone world. The smartphone manufacturer, one of the major companies of the period, has rolled up its sleeves to bring different alternatives to the market. Learning that it has developed a model called Ibiza, the company plans to bring the 5G feature to the entry level. New information has emerged about the smartphone that recently visited Geekbench. According to this information, the device will be released with a screen refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Editor Mukul Sharma, who made a name for himself with his previous leaks, made a post about the device. Giving information about the device via TwitterSharma announced that the smartphone will have a 90 Hz display. Aiming to bring 5G to the entry level , the smartphone manufacturer plans to attract more users with a new development. However, the technical features of the smartphone have not yet been determined. However, according to the first information, the smartphone will be released with the Snapdragon 480 . In addition device 6 GB RAM will have . Let's see Motorola Ibiza With its innovations, we will wait and see if it will succeed in being an alternative in the smart phone world.
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