Big transfer from Porsche to Apple Car project!

Apple's autonomous vehicle project has witnessed many surprising developments recently. It is stated that an important manager from Porsche has been transferred to the Apple Car project, which is considered to be on the road in the coming period.

Porsche Taycan's key name has joined the Apple Car team!

According to the information quoted by Business Insider, Porsche executive Dr. Manfred Harrer resigned in surprise.Harrer, who is stated to have signed with Apple, has allegedly been working on the brand's autonomous vehicle project since the beginning of the year. However, this transfer has not been officially announced yet, as theproject is conducted in a very confidential manner. Moreover, a large number of engineers allegedly transferred from the Volkswagen group to Apple in the past few months.

Previously BMW and Audi as many employees in the automotive giant Manfred Harrer, finally, the Porsche's chassis development TAYCAN'a was responsible for the name. Some Volkswagen employees, on the other hand, define Harrer as a "caliber that will set industry standards". Therefore, we can say that Apple has added a very correct name to the vehicle project. On the other hand, Harrer has an academic book on steering systems.

As you will remember, there were reports that an agreement was reached with Kia for the production of the Apple Car project. It is claimed that 100,000 Apple Cars will be produced annually in the first phase of the production, which is planned to start in 2024. It is also stated in the contract that there is an option in which the annual production amount can increase up to 400,000 vehicles. Finally, let's point out that both claims have not yet become official.
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