The use of AMD graphics cards and processors in Linux system is increasing

When it comes to playing games on the Linux operating system, AMD puts a lot of effort into it. According to the latest report, it is particularly relevant to the compatibility of AMD graphics cards and processors with desktop computers.

The competition between AMD and Nvidia has already been remarkable for some time. However, it is even more interesting to see the Linux side of this competition. Boiling Steam also from protondb provided exactly the information it receives.

As Boiling Steam notes, the Steam hardware report does not provide a very detailed report. ProtonDB ,which measures the compatibility ofgames with Valve Proton, is more limited but more useful in this regard.
According to information from 110,000 Linux players via ProtonDB, Nvidia is still ahead in graphics cards. However, it can be seen that it is not as dominant as before.

January 2021 as the Linux of players %37.5 part of AMD have opted case. This means a market share of 62.5% for Nvidia. However, it is very clear that there is a decline for Nvidia, which has seen 80% share in this area recently. Or we can say that AMD has taken a step in this regard. For example, if we look at Boiling Stats 2019 data, AMD has a 25% share on Linux. So this means a big 50% increase in two years.
In general, we can see the AMD graphics card preference of Linux gamers. It is obvious that AMD drivers are open source and the communication the company establishes with the players also has an effect.

AMD stands out in the processor choice of Linux gamers.

In the processor area, we can observe that two companies have half the market share. Two years ago these figures were 27% for AMD and 73% for Intel. Therefore, the result of important efforts in this area can be seen. This is not surprising considering the significant recent developments in Ryzen processors.

Despite this information, it should not be forgotten that Linux players are a minority. In fact, the incoming data indicate that Linux players account for roughly 1% or 2% of the total market. Nevertheless, it is possible to see similar developments in general.
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