Life-making PDF tools have been added to Adobe Acrobat Web!

Adobe has added useful new PDF tools to the web version of Acrobat software. From making any picture to PDF, compression, signing; Equipped with many new shortcuts like this one, the new version of Acrobat Web has no trace of its old arrogance.

PDF is one of the most preferred file formats today. PDF, a cross-platform portable file format supported by almost all platforms, is frequently used due to the abundance of free software that can view it.
Adobe, the owner of the format, addresses those who are familiar with PDF files with its Acrobat solution developed by it. In this Acrobat, which is literally a "solution"; PDF converter, PDF signer, PDF compressor etc. There are many features here that we cannot enumerate.
However, these features were only available in desktop versions of Acrobat until now. In the Web version of Acrobat, there were not as many features as on the desktop. But a new update released this week has shut down the gap between the desktop version of Acrobat and its web version.

Adobe adds new PDF tools to Acrobat Web

From now on, if you need features such as PDF editing, JPG to PDF conversion, PDF to JPG, OCRing, you can meet these needs fully from Adoba Acrobat Web. According to the statement made by Adobe, you no longer need to use the desktop version of Acrobat to use these features.

In addition to these, Adobe also introduced new browser shortcuts that you can run the new features. If we need to talk about these shortcuts, we can list them as follows:
  •  - Create a free Adobe Acrobat PDF file from any Microsoft Office file.
  •  - Create, fill, sign and save a free PDF form.
  •  - Use this shortcut if you want to convert JPG to PDF file.
  •  - To reduce the size of the PDF file, compress the file using this tool.
  • - Convert a Word file to PDF.
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