Intel Alder Lake-P test result reveals 14-core processor

Intel's new 12th generation mobile Alder Lake processors are just months away. However, some details about the processors began to emerge. Among them, 14 cores and 20 process the test results have also revealed the particles.

First, the test result shared by BenchLeaks on Twitter can be seen on Geekbench. According to the results, the processor has 14 cores and 20 threads. This is a bit unusual, considering that the core of processors usually increases by two by two to eight.

The reason for this is the design of ARM-based mobile processors. It is also big. The technology also known as LITLLE, as we have recently seen in M1 chips; In a normal processor performance cores with efficiency-oriented than the small core gives place to the mixture.

As noted by VideoCardz, speaking for Intel Alder Lake-P; The processor has 6 performance cores with 12 threads as well as eight efficiency cores with eight threads. This means two fewer performance cores for both Alder Lake-S processors than the system with eight cores. However, of course, it should be reminded that the S series is designed for desktop.

However, it can be seen that the highest clock speed of the processor is 4.69GHzAverage speed is not included in the list. Instead, the number 13,446 generated by the OpenCL test result of the processor's Iris Xe graphics.

We shared that Intel has been a little behind AMD in the desktop area, which has been dominating for years. While Blue Team strives for this, it also seems to be keeping its focus on the laptop area. Considering the efforts of AMD to bring its success on the desktop, it seems that we can expect this competition to get even more heated.
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