Facebook started asking for tracking permission from iOS users

Facebook has started to comply with the new activity tracking rules that Apple has started to implement with the iOS 14.5 beta operating system. Facebook, which requests tracking permission from Apple users, explains in detail the reason for requesting this in the notification it sends.

New activity tracking rules, which Apple normally plans to implement in 2020 and later decide to postpone, began to be implemented. According to the new rules, an application in the App Store will not be able to follow the tracks of iOS users on the internet. Accordingly, applications will not be able to learn all of our data in order to offer us a "better advertising experience".

Applications that want to follow users now have to obtain permission from users. However, users who do not agree to give this permission can stay safely within the iOS ecosystem; In other words, their activities on the internet cannot be monitored by any application As a result, social media giants such as Facebook and Instagram have also gotten their share.

Facebook asks for permission to follow iOS users

Facebook started sending a notification to iOS users starting Monday; Facebook, which asked users to give follow-up permission in the notification it sent, also explained the reasons for this request. According to Facebook's statement, if you want to deal with advertisements specific to you on the internet, you need to give this permission.

Of course, what is meant by "special for you" here is the ads chosen according to your interests. For example, when you search for the word coffee machine on Google, Facebook will show you ads related to coffee machines. For this, naturally, it should be able to track what you searched for on Google. So nowadays, suddenly, "Allow Facebook to use your app and website activities?" Don't be surprised if you get a written notification.

Of course, it is completely up to you to allow or not to give. In other words, the moment you select the "Don't Allow" option in the notification that appears, Facebook will no longer be able to do anything.

Apple's new rules started to be implemented with iOS 14.5 beta

Apple has  officially started to implement the privacy change it made in the App Store Tracking Guidelines with  iOS 14.5 beta. In this context, Facebook and Instagram send notifications to iOS 14.5 beta users to give them follow-up permission.

Apple is expected to release the final version of iOS 14.5 in the Spring of 2021; In other words, developers have some more time to adapt to the new rules.
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