Microsoft gave new details about cloud computing service

The way the Windows 10 operating system is used by individuals and companies is about to change. Because Microsoft has been quietly working on a new cloud computing project for a while.

Until now, users were using the operating system of the company that came ready with the systems. Or they installed the Windows 10 operating system on their systems after they collected the computer. However, if we look at the steps taken, the company seems to be preparing to offer its operating system and applications via the cloud.

In a job posting that is now removed, telling the Cloud Computing team about their search for a program manager, the company; He gave some information about the cloud computing project. In the company announcement, the new Microsoft Cloud Computing project is based on Windows Virtual DesktopHe says he offers the desktop as an internet service to the user. It is also stated that the service offers business users a more flexible cloud-based Microsoft experience.

In addition, the company started to test Cloud Computing, as seen in some Microsoft support documents. At the same time, the company will offer different service plans for different hardware for this service.

According to the information provided by Windows Latest, while an average hardware offers two virtual core processors, 4GB RAM 96GB SSD; A more advanced setup adds 8GB RAM and 96GB SSD alongside two virtual core processors. Those who want a higher-spec hardware can increase the virtual core to three.

Cloud Computing service of Microsoft company will also be optimized for general usage, speed and performance. On the business side, there will be more information technology focus.

The company plans to release the service that users can access to their Cloud Computers using any device that can run the Microsoft Remote Desktop server, probably in the second half of this year.
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