Nintendo is not planning to release a new Switch anytime soon!

Nintendo is extremely pleased with the success of the Switch. According to the information received, the company does not plan to release a new Switch model.

No new Nintendo Switch is being considered anytime soon!

Not to mention the presence of Nintendo in the game console market. The company, which has been in close competition with Sony and Microsoft for years, continues to reap the fruits of the policies it has changed recently. Nintendo, which has become unrivaled in handheld consoles with the Switch model, does not intend to block its success. According to the news in Bloomberg, the Japanese giant is not planning to release a new Switch model anytime soon. The company, which is satisfied with the sales figures of Switch at the moment, states that a new adventure is unnecessary.

However, this information also caused some confusion in the game media. As you know, the game world was waiting for a new model under the name of Switch Pro or Super Switch. However, when this was the case, the game world was surprised at how it would react to these developments. While it is learned that game-specific console versions will be released without any problems, no information has yet emerged about the new "powerful" Switch model. The firm, which was successful after a long time, did not want to take risks, however, it was considered quite normal. Let's see, we will wait and see how Nintendo will bring non-console innovations to the game world.
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