Asus announces open beta program for GPU Tweak III

The overclocking tool we know as GPU Tweak has been refreshed with some interface changes and automatic profile switching feature. The biggest reason for these innovations is the feedback from users.

What does the revamped GPU Tweak offer?

To briefly explain GPU Tweak for those who do not knowFor GPU Tweak, we can say that it is an application where you can monitor the graphics card and hardware status. As for the changes, to start with the interface, you can change the size, position and color of the elements in the UI. There are also renewed options in the tracking tool and screen menu. In addition, performance profiles set by the user for games and applications can be processed automatically.

With new personalization options, users can change the size and layout of the interface, tracking window and on-screen menu, and access the information they need whenever they want. Users who create profiles for certain games or applications, by matching the programs through the new "Profile Link"It can let GPU Tweak III do the settings in the background. You can reach the web page of the application by clicking here.

Fully compatible with Asus, ROG and TUF Gaming!

The new version is compatible with all ASUS, ROG and TUF Gaming consumer grade graphics cards; It can also support other brands' graphics cards. "Overclocking Preset" and "Silent Mode" have been optimized for the latest NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. Users who manually adjust their cards or use the " Overclocking Scanner" feature, make changes to their systems; can also use the save feature to protect the settings. There are temperature delay and interrogation period options among the fan settings. With these features, users can control how quickly and smoothly the fans react to temperature changes.

Users who set overclocking and fan settings can save a profile and link it to the program or game they want. Thus, GPU Tweak automatically applies the selected settings when assigned games or applications are run. The "Profile Linking" feature can also be used in display profiles.
Users who want to make notices, suggestions or complaints about GPU Tweak can directly provide feedback to the developer team from the application form on the website.
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