Samsung Develops a Location Tracking Device Named 'Galaxy Smart Tag'

It turned out that Samsung is working on a new location tracking device. While it is known that the device with model code EI-T5300 will be named "Galaxy Smart Tag", it is thought that the product will probably work with UWB technology. It is currently unknown when the Galaxy Smart Tag will be released.

It turned out that the South Korean technology giant Samsung is working on a new product. It is stated that this product, called " Galaxy Smart Tag ", focuses on finding lost products. However, the release date of the product, which is revealed in the data of Indonesia Telecom Certification, is quite meaningful. Because it is already known that the US-based technology giant Apple has been working on a similar product called "AirTags" for a while .

In fact, Samsung has already announced such a product in the past years . The product named "SmartThings Tracker" prevented the loss of products with its LTE support. The new product with model code " EI-T5300 " seems to be very similar to the SmartThings Tracker. However, the new product will probably have much more advanced technical features than before.

This is how SmartThings Tracker looked

Samsung has not made an official statement regarding its upcoming tracking device. However, this product will offer much more than just LTE and GPS. For example, ultra-broadband (UWB) support may be offered in Samsung's new product. This suggests that the Galaxy Smart Tag will provide very precise location data. 

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag's release date is unknown. However, the expectations are that this product will be announced with the Galaxy S21 / 30 family. Moreover, the company will likely emerge as a fierce competitor to Apple's AirTags with this timing . Time will show, on the other hand, which brand will be more interested in the location tracking product of the consumers.
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