Signal gains new features

After WhatsApp's new user agreement, Signal, which has increased its popularity, is bringing new features to it. The application is no longer at the forefront with only secure messaging features.

Signal is a free and open source, cross-platform encrypted messaging software. The application is developed by the Signal Foundation. Just like WhatsApp, it is used to send files, voice messages, images, text and videos over the internet. The Android version of the application, which also offers one-to-one voice and video calls, can also be used as a standard SMS messaging application. In practice, they use the phone number as an identifier, just like WhatsApp. Thus, other SignalIt provides you with end-to-end encrypted messaging with its users. Applications such as Signal, which prioritize security and are not for profit, gained popularity especially after the WhatsApp user contract scandal. Now, new features are being introduced. The app is more than just secure messaging.

Getting new features for Signal

Developers Signal adds new features with iOS 5.3.1 and Android 5.3.7. The application, which was at the forefront with its security, was behind in terms of design and functional features. Now this situation has changed; developers enable Signal to gain functions outside of security. According to the statement made from the official Twitter account, the following features are; Chat wallpapers. Custom wallpaper option for every conversation with competitors like WhatsApp. A part about you can share little information about. Animated stickers with different animations. Finally iOS onlyFull screen wallpaper and automatic media download for the app. These features are currently only available on the Android version of the application, so they are only for iOS. Even though these seem like simple features; users care about these features that they are used to from other applications. He wants to use these functions in his new application. This situation seems to make Signal's job easier, especially which has increased its popularity. Stay tuned for new developments on the subject….

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