Latest features of Intel Rocket Lake i9-11900K processor revealed

More detailed specifications of the Intel Rocket Lake series flagship Core i9-11900K desktop processor have been seen on the internet.

The information said to include the features of Intel 11th generation K series processors provided by Videocardz; allegedly taken from an MSI submission.

The Intel i9-11900K processor is among those expected to be the flagship chip in the series. According to this leak, the processor will have 8 cores and 16 threads, as well as a 5.2GHz turbo clock speed. Although this speed is the same as last year's Intel Core i9-10900K processor; incoming leaks reveal the superiority of new processors over old ones. Single-core test 11900K processor predecessor of 35%, a rate surpassed state.

With the desktop processor, there will also be a Thermal Speed Boost feature. This will be possible to increase the maximum clock speed up to 100Mhz.

Intel Rocket Lake series' other chips other than i9 also leaked

However, according to the alleged MSI leak, another 8-core 16-thread i7-11700K processor; It will contain the same key components as the i9-11900K. However, this chip will offer lower clock speeds with 4.9GHz turbo speed as well as 3.6GHz base clock speed. Let us remind you that this processor can also increase to 5GHz with Thermal Speed Boost support.

In the slightly lower segments of the Core-K series, the i5-11600K with 6 cores and 12 threads appears. In addition, according to the leaks, the chip, which will be the rival of the Ryzen 5 5600X processor, can be seen with 3.9GHz and 4.9GHz basic and turbo speeds. However, this processor does not support Thermal Speed Boost technology.

Finally, we should state that all three chips will need 125W TDP, namely Thermal Design Energy. In addition, DDR4-3200 memory support is offered. According to other information said by the leak, the i9-11900K and 11700K have 16MB L3 memory. On the other hand, the i5-11600K has slightly less memory capacity at 12MB.

Although these leaks give us some ideas about Rocket Lake processors that have not been released yet, it seems that we will not have clear information until the processors are released. If this issue in March the month between the date given.
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