Apple Releases Update for iOS 14.2.1 That Solves Problems Like Screen Locking

Apple Releases Update for iOS 14.2.1 That Solves Problems Like Screen Locking
Apple has made the iOS 14.2.1 update accessible to everyone. The new update eliminates problems such as screen lock on devices such as the iPhone 12 mini.

Between introduce the latest model of Apple's iPhone 12 of his family members, which is the smallest iPhone mini 12 was taking place as well. People who chose this smartphone complained that the lock screen was unresponsive. He also had other problems with the phones.

To fix these problems , Apple announced the iOS 14.2.1 update. While this update provides solutions to many problems, especially the screen lock, it also opens some innovations to the service of users.

iOS issues fix

With the new update, some MMS messages could not be delivered. Problems with iPhone audio devices have also been eliminated. Also iPhone 12 mini, the bug that caused screens to become unresponsive has also been fixed.

Despite the fact that smartphones and other devices have been tested, unforeseen problems arise when it comes to large number of users. These updates also eliminate these problems and make the devices ideal as soon as possible .

How to download iOS update?

Apple Releases Update for iOS 14.2.1 That Solves Problems Like Screen Locking

There are multiple ways to update smart devices running the iOS operating system. Which of these methods you will choose depends on the devices you have at hand. and your preferences. The ways to follow are as follows:

To update iOS on iPhone:

  • iCloud backup taken
  • Enter Settings from the home screen
  • Click on General
  • Select the Software Update option
  • Press the Download and Install button
  • Enter your password if prompted
  • Conditions provide confirmation that you accept
  • Confirm download
  • The download will start automatically.

To update iOS on Mac:

  • Make sure you have a backup . Make sure this backup is encrypted.
  • Using the USB power cable or USB 30-pin dock your iPhone or iPad to your Mac device to connect .
  • Find the device icon in the search field
  • Select Check for Updates on the Summary screen
  • Download and UpdateSelect option
  • That you accept the terms give consent
  • If prompted, enter your password on your iPhone or iPad .

Using these two ways, you can get your iOS devices to the most up-to-date operating system. Updates are of great importance in terms of both security and performance, especially on new devices.