How Does YouTube Calculate Views?

The popularity of a video you uploaded to YouTube and your monetization depends on the number of views. However, many users have question marks about the number of YouTube views. So how does YouTube calculate views? Here are all the details on the subject.

Every minute 300 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube, watched by 1.3 billion users. Although we experience the platform visually, it is actually a world with huge numbers behind it. One of the most important metrics about videos for both the audience and the producer is the number of views. YouTube's techniques for calculating the number of views are also renewed day by day.

There are some criteria set by the company for calculating the number of views for a YouTube video. However, the number of views that do not comply with these criteria is still not clearly visible everywhere. We answered the question of how to calculate YouTube views, which even YouTube phenomena are not sure about, and explained it in all details.

How are YouTube views counted?

YouTube has some basic criteria that when a video is opened on the platform it counts as a view. The first of these criteria is that the video has been opened willingly by the user. In other words, playing a YouTube video embedded in a website and starting automatically when the site is opened may not always be counted as a view.

Another YouTube view count criterion is that the intentionally opened video is watched for at least 30 seconds. If the video is accelerated or watched by skipping, the metric of the time the user spends in the video becomes more important.

If a user jumps to the 40th second of a YouTube video he opened voluntarily, it does not count as a view. At this point, the 30 seconds mentioned are calculated not according to the video time, but according to the real time. If 30 seconds did not pass during acceleration or skipping, this interaction is not counted as a direct view by YouTube. 

The same criteria apply to YouTube live streams. Live broadcast should be opened voluntarily by the user and watched for at least 30 seconds. The number of views obtained during the live broadcast is added as the number of video views when the broadcast is uploaded as a video, and subsequent views are added to this number.

It would not be wrong to say that videos shorter than 30 seconds are considered invisible by YouTube. Whether it is watched or not, such short videos are not regarded as much by YouTube as they are not seen as suitable for making money.

Is it possible to increase the number of YouTube views with page refresh?

Especially video producers who have just joined the platform will think that they can watch the video with friends, refresh the page and gain some views. However, YouTube has definite decisions on this matter. Each opening of the video by refreshing the page by the same user is not counted as the number of views.

According to the YouTube algorithm, a user watches a video up to 4 or 5 times in a row. The maximum number of views that can be created by refreshing the page or rewriting a video is 5. The number of views that can be earned by the same user on a video on the same day cannot exceed 5.

The biggest reason for setting such a rule by YouTube is of course tracking robots. Simple software that is easily created can refresh a video page maybe thousands of times a day, increasing the number of views rapidly. However, YouTube has very strict precautions when it comes to tracking robots.

How well do YouTube view boosting tricks work?

The YouTube algorithm, which has known us better than us thanks to the videos that people have uploaded for many years, has very strict rules against all kinds of cheating . Even if a video is opened intentionally, watched for at least 30 seconds, or even commented on the video, it may not always count as a view.

The tracking robots used by those who try to cunning in this business are actually often noticed by YouTube. In such a case, the views gained by the robot may be reduced from the total number of views. The unrelated videos being opened one after another by robots, where YouTube observes the user's movements, creates suspicion in the algorithm. For this reason, it is not considered as the number of views.

The owner of the comments made to the videos and considered as spam, also does not count users' views. Watching videos that are embedded in a website and start automatically are not counted by YouTube.

Why is it important to reach 301 views on YouTube?

YouTube is the first to be skeptical of every video uploaded to the platform. There is a number of views that YouTube waits in order to eliminate doubts such as there will be cheating in the business, there will be a copyright issue . A video that got 301 organic views is considered authentic by YouTube.

It is important that a video is considered authentic by YouTube. However, given that the doubts are lifted, the video is seen in the search, it is located between recommended videos. So if you're going to upload a video to YouTube, your first goal should be to reach and exceed 300 organic views. What we mean by organic viewing is that users can access your video with their own wishes.

A video has multiple views at the same time:

What has been told up to this point is generally based on observations made by users and statements made by YouTube. However, the question marks about YouTube views do not end, because different views are always displayed on the video page, search results and Analytics page.

There are some predictions about this situation that is not fully disclosed even by YouTube. The number of views viewed on the video page is estimated to be the number of page openings that are not considered as real views by the company.

It is estimated that the number of views appearing in the search results is due to short delays due to backups made to the cache of country servers . The number of views on the Analytics page is estimated to be the number of views that best reflect the truth. So even YouTube is somewhat undecided about the number of views.

Views on other platforms: 

Since YouTube can host longer videos than other social media platforms, the view count limit is set at 30 seconds . Because other social media platforms generally allow short videos, they count shorter times as views.

Instagram counts normal videos and IG TV videos for 3 seconds, Facebook videos for 3 seconds, Linkedin videos for 2 seconds, TikTok videos for 0.1 seconds, ie only opening, and Twitter counts watching videos for 2 seconds.

There is a simple answer to the question of how does YouTube calculate views in general, but the company seems to be controlling this under very strict rules. If you are a producer who will step into YouTube, the first thing you should think about is not the number of views, but to produce original content, the next will come.
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