Realme 7 Pro's Android 11 Early Access Updates Are Released

A new year means a new Android operating system. Some Realme 7 Pro owners in India have already started receiving Android 11 updates to the device.

Google releases a new version of the Android operating system almost every year. The newest version of the system will be Android 11. In the release of the operating system, it is now almost over. 

Realme 7 Pro smartphones, which use an Android-based interface, are now getting early access updates for the new operating system. A small user group of 300 people in India received this update.

New update new Android

The update, which has a very large size, has a file size of 3.57 GB in total . So if possible , it will be necessary to perform the update file over Wi-Fi and when the phone is highly charged.

New dark mode styles will come with the new update. Icons from third-party applications can be used on the home page, and users will be able to make their own wallpapers.

In split screen mode, it will be possible to drag and drop texts or files from one application to another. In addition, interfaces can be customized, and the performance of interfaces and applications will increase. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the charging speed will change to extend the battery life of the phone.

Realme 7 Pro becomes more secure

In the new update, changes are made to application notification sounds. Consecutive notification sounds will be combined into a single melody. It will also be possible to customize notifications for various applications. Permission manager will also be improved.

With Android 11Realme 7 Pro users will now be able to clone their systems to transfer to other phones. They will also be able to easily turn the application lock feature on and off from the Settings tab. Those who want will also be able to share automatic location information with the people they choose when their batteries fall below 15%.

With HeyTap Cloud access, users can optionally move their photos, documents, system settings, WeChat data and more to a new phone via the cloud. The user will choose which data to back up or load. Realme will likely distribute this update to other users soon.
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