MSI Announces Budget-Friendly GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Fan Model

Hardware manufacturer MSI has announced its new affordable graphics card model GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Fan. Drawing attention with its double fan structure, the card supports overclocking up to 1740 MHz. Let's take a closer look at all the features of the card.

Taiwan-based hardware manufacturer MSI, one of NVIDIA's partners, has added a new member to the GeForce RTX 30 graphics card family that was introduced in recent months. The customized model, called the GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Fan , stands out with its affordable price.

The company introduced a total of 2 Twin Fan graphics cards , one factory- overclocked 1740 MHz and the other with NVIDIA reference specifications. Both cards have custom PCB with 8 pin + 6 pin power connector, while the display configuration is standard (3x DP + 1x HDMI).

GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Fan features:

GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Fan, based on Ampere, which is the 2nd generation RTX architecture, has a fundamental frequency of 1500 MHz. Overclocking with 1740 MHz the card, until the memory side 8 GB GDDR6 using memory and memory speed of 14 Gbps.

When we come to the design side, the GeForce RTX 3070 Twin Fan, as the name suggests, welcomes us with its double fan structure. At this point, the dual fan system distributes the heat more efficiently, while the 6 mm thick copper pipes maximize heat transfer and provide better cooling.

The card also supports MSI Afterburner, the world's most widely used graphics card overclocking software. Through this software, users can monitor important system values in real time and control the graphics card.

Announcing the features of the card, the Taiwanese manufacturer has not shared the price information yet. We will be sharing new developments on the subject with you. Stay tuned to be informed about the developments to be experienced.
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