WhatsApp gains read later feature

WhatsApp, which has been on the agenda with new privacy policies recently, gains a new feature called read later.

WhatsApp has recently been grappling with the problems created by new privacy policies. Reactive users started to delete the app collectively around the world and turn to competitors such as Signal and Telegram. However, the company owned by Facebook continues to gain new features and develop. A feature that appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp will soon come to the regular version of the application. WhatsApp gains read later feature

WhatsApp read later

In fact, WhatsApp read later is not a completely new app. The feature will replace the existing With Archive feature and show similarities with it. Read later, it will bring some improvements and innovations over its predecessor. This application allows people to interrupt unwanted conversations and conversations and remove them from view without deleting them if they wish. Users can access these chats again by clicking the read later list, which is at the top of the chat list. Unlike the Archive feature, read later doesn't see conversations without checking, even if new messages arrive until they choose to read it. Users who are drowning in incoming messages seem to be satisfied with this feature.

Update is coming soon

WhatsApp's read later feature is currently only in beta. If you want to try new features in the application, you can become a beta user by signing up for beta on Google Play. Considering the latest WhatsApp events, it is not known how much users appreciate the new features, but it seems that getting away from the current agenda and getting the news of the new features will calm the situation a little. Stay tuned for new developments on the subject...
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