Ubisoft is developing the open world Star Wars game!

Ubisoft is developing a new Star Wars game. The company agreed with Lucasfilm Gamesand rolled up its sleeves for the open world action game.

Ubisoft can fix one of the most important shortcomings of the game world!

The game world continues to surprise players with new news. Lucasfilm Games, which was founded by Disney in the past days and will be responsible for Star Wars games, made its first execution. The company, which wants to restructure the game-related part of the universe, announced to its fans that they have signed with Ubisoft for an open world action-oriented Star Wars game. It is not yet known how Disney, which is currently in agreement with EA for Star Wars games, preferred this way. EAThe universe that is only attached to itself with a special agreement is apparently preparing to be a material that can be used by more than one company.

The developer team of the game, whose details are not yet clear but has already been on the agenda, welcomes us as Massive EntertainmentThe company that makes The Division and Crew series will use the game engine called Snowdrop Engine for the new Star Wars game. Ubisoft, which managed to become one of the important companies of the game world when it comes to open world games, is quite satisfied with the agreement. Lucasfilm Games company stating that they would co-operate with the CEO 'water Yves Guillemot has announced that they always want to take the game fans desire. Let's see the firm, the open world that we cannot see in the new generation.We will wait and see if he will be able to present the Star Wars game to us.
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