The date has been given for the Exynos processor with AMD GPU!

Samsung announced the Exynos 2100, which will power its flagship phones at the event on the opening day of CES 2021. However, the brand shared another big improvement on the processor side. Exynos processors with AMD RDNA GPU are officially dated!

Exynos processor with AMD RDNA GPU is coming at the end of the year!

As you may remember, a cooperation agreement has been signed between Samsung and AMD in recent years. Under the agreement, the RDNA graphics architecture developed by the company would be integrated into Exynos series processors within a certain period of time. However, since 2019, no information has been reflected from either company regarding this cooperation.

Samsung's announcement at CES 2021 shows that significant progress has been made in the project carried out with AMD. According to the brand's announcement at the end of the event, it was stated that the first processor with RDNA GPU will be announced at the end of the year. This reveals that the Exynos processor to be used in the Samsung Galaxy S22 will most likely get its graphics power from the AMD GPU.

The positive results of the cooperation between the two companies may also cause the balances to be re-established on the mobile processor side. Until now, Qualcomm (Adreno), ARM and Imagination Technologies (Apple) shared the cake in mobile graphics. AMD will form the fourth leg of this area with its mobile graphics unit, after Radeon graphics cards. Finally, let's also point out that AMD is working on the mobile processor side at the prototype level.
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