Google Chrome is getting ready to fly: Big innovations!

Google Chrome is getting ready to fly: Big innovations!
Google Chrome 87 update has been released. Having recently introduced the QUIC feature, Chrome has been working on excessive RAM consumption, one of the problems that has not been overcome for years. The first results are very good.

In a blog post by the search engine giant, it was stated that this version is the biggest software to handle Chrome's performance and that no such update has been released before. The period of high speed, low RAM consumption and long-lasting charging begins.

What does Google Chrome 87 update offer?

According to information from Google, Chrome will now offer 25 percent higher performance in speed than before, and will provide this by consuming less RAM. In addition, it was announced that the pages will open more quickly with a 7 percent speed increase compared to the past.

The faces of millions of users who learned that this browser, which has been criticized for its excessive RAM consumption for years, will consume less power from now on, laughed. Google took an ambitious stance, saying this update is just the beginning.

Google Chrome is getting ready to fly: Big innovations!

In the new version priority will be given to active tabs . In this way, CPU (processor) usage will be reduced by up to 5 times and a saving of one and a half hours in charging consumption will be achieved. In addition, Google, who wants to increase the battery life of computers, has been trying to extend the battery life by reducing the effect of jаvascript-based timers on Chrome since the summer of this year.

It has been reported that the tests carried out so far have been successfully completed. Apart from these, it is said that the software named Google Chrome 87 hosts the tab search feature. When you click the search button on the toolbar of Chrome, a list of currently open tabs will appear on the screen.

In this context, we can say that the problem of disappearing between tabs has been eliminated. This feature will first be used on Chromebook models and then will be available on other desktop computers.

Finally, it was announced that Chrome, which operates on devices using Android , is equipped with a "super fast" feature for switching between pages . If you wish, you can access the relevant article written by Google about Chrome 87 " here" .

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