MediaTek takes the lead in smartphone chip sales!

MediaTek surpasses Qualcomm to become the world's largest smartphone chip makeraccording to a recent report by Counterpoint Research CorporationQualcomm side of 5G assisted in MediaTek chip leader while the rest of the market appears to have shifted to his side.

Qualcomm, which we started to talk more about with the Snapdragon 888 chipset, lags behind MediaTek on the basis of production according to the latest research reports. Although Qualcomm draws a very successful picture with its 5G supported chips, MediaTek is the dominant of the market. According to the report shared by the research company, the Taiwanese company was able to power over 100 million smart devices with the chipset in the third quarter alone. MediaTek's share in the financial data included in the report which gives Counterpoint, the company's 2019 third the quarter almost by percent 50 increase by 97 275 million New Taiwan dollars (3.4 dollars) reported that revenue.

Affordable smartphones opened the door to leadership

Making evaluations on MediaTek's financial data, Counterpoint shows the Taiwanese chip manufacturer's earning source as devices in the $ 100-250 band. In particular, affordable phones that appear in dynamic and rapidly growing markets such as IndiaChina and Latin American countries use MediaTek processors. In this way, companies, unit sales rapidly in 2020, increased I seem to have managed to run. Looking at the general market, MediaTek powers 31 percent of devices, while Qualcomm is second with 29 percent. ranks.

'Huawei sanctions created an opportunity'

Dale  Gai, research director at Counterpoint, stated that Huawei bans play an important role in this picture. Stating that TSMC produced MediaTek chips are the first option to fill the remaining market rapidly after Huawei due to their affordable prices, Gai stated that Huawei has become a MediaTek customer and purchased a large amount of chips.

There is also a rise in the American market for MediaTek

Trying to gradually bring its success overseas to the United States, the Taiwanese Company has started to take a more place in the market. T-Mobile provided by LG Velvet model, Dimensity 1000 from power, while chip than 765 Snapdragon good performance showcases. According to the news in Engadget, these and similar developments are interpreted by analysts as a bullish signal for MediaTek in the American market.

Although the rapid rise of 5G connectivity and supported devices continues, the inability of many countries to adapt to technology quickly makes it still a market volume for 4G supported chips. Considering that the Taiwanese company has enough capacity to feed this market, it may continue to hold the lead for a while.
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