GUIDE BEST SMART WATCHES OF 2020 | Which one should be preferred?

We are here with a list of the best smart watches of 2020. We have listed the best smart watches for different users, instead of listing the products we have examined personally.

Best smartwatch for Apple users: Apple Watch Series 6/SE

Since Apple is very useful as an ecosystem, Apple Watch Series 6 was of course the choice for the best smart watches of 2020 for iPhone users. The always-on display stands out with its SPO2 and other important details. However, those looking for a more affordable watch can also choose the Apple Watch SE. The SE model, which includes all Apple Watch features except the always-on display, ECG and SPO2 features, is more performance and useful than Series 3.

Best smartwatch for Android users: OPPO Watch

OPPO Watch may be the best smartwatch to choose for an Android phone. Although it resembles the Apple Watch in design, it provides a very comfortable use in the Android ecosystem thanks to its Wear OS. Downloading and managing applications on the watch via the Google Play Store and support for hundreds of applications are among the factors that make OPPO Watch the most useful Android watch.

Special for those who want long battery life and athletes: Honor Watch GS Pro

Honor Watch GS Pro makes a difference with its battery life in our list of the best smart watches of 2020. Up to 25 days of battery life manages to make itself unrivaled. Being both stylish and aggressive in design, GS Pro prevents you from losing your way in activities such as mountaineering, extreme sports or camping, thanks to its dual GPS feature. With a return from the route, you can always return to where you started. With Honor Watch GS Pro, you can track more than 100 various sports activities such as skiing, golf and billiards.

For those looking for a stylish watch: Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

Watch GT 2 Pro, Huawei's newest smartwatch, may be the most stylish and attractive smartwatch on the market. It shows that it is a special smart watch with its titanium case, sapphire glass design and ceramic base for your wrist. With a battery life of up to 14 days, GT 2 Pro, which you can use for long periods of time, can also be preferred as a special gift.

For young people and those looking for affordable watches: Huawei Watch Fit

In our list of the best smart watches of 2020, we also have watches for our young friends looking for price/performance. Huawei Watch Fit design has a colorful design that can attract the attention of young people. While the battery life of up to 10 days stands out, it is also able to track sports and sports coaching.

Note: The reason why there is no Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 in our list of the best smart watches of 2020 is that you haven't experienced the product. We don't think it is right to recommend a product that we haven't tested as Feat.Ws.
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