First Details of Google's Screenless Smart Wristband Appeared

Smart wristbands from brands such as the Xiaomi Mi Band series or Huawei, Honor and Samsung are very popular, especially thanks to their multi-skill screens. Even so, "Would a smart wristband without a screen?" The question comes to mind. Google has a positive answer to this question.

The most important feature of smart watches or wristbands is actually the screens. Information received from sensors and notifications from our phone reach us through those small screens. Each new model in Turkey do not buy the Xiaomi Mi Band, especially the series of Apple, Samsung and Huawei case is all about smart wristbands. However, Google wants to change our habits and expectations.

According to the latest information, Google will take an ambitious step that users may find strange in the first place, because it is working on a completely screenless smart bracelet design. New details revealed on the US Patent and Trademark Office's website reveal Google's exciting approach to this issue.

The first images of Google's screen-less smart bracelet reveal the fine details of the design:

In these images belonging to the patent document, we see the part of the wristband that should normally have a screen in a flat way. In fact, it is possible to see the sensors in almost every smart bracelet on the inside of this device, which can be compared to a strap without a watch. This takes us to another detail.

It has no display but advanced sensors:

All the sensors of the smart bracelet, which looks extremely simple with a seamless strap and the protrusions on the inside of the strap, are located on the slight protrusion on the back. Although clear information about the technical characteristics of the sensors has not yet been shared, we can predict that it will provide measurements that we are used to seeing in today's smart wristbands such as blood oxygen level, heart rate, pedometer, sleep tracking  and stress level.

What will a smart bracelet without a screen do for us?

Google will likely make this bracelet available with an integrated application with Android operating system. The wristband will be on our wrist, but its only task will be to send the information it has acquired through its sensors to the phone. In fact, we will follow the detailed measurements we take from the smart bracelet screens via the mobile application. For this reason, it seems that the general usage area of the bracelet will be sports activities rather than daily activities.
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