MediaTek can take the lead in the 5G market!

Taiwan-based semiconductor company MediaTek continues its steady rise in the mobile processor market. Following the global market leadership achieved last year, the company has now set its sights on the 5G market.

MediaTek leads the 5G processor market

According to Counterpoint Research's report, Qualcomm and MediaTek continue to dominate the mobile processor market. MediaTek , the new leader of the leadership last year, continues to be the global market leader with a 37% market shareQualcomm dominates 31% of the global chip market , followed by Apple with 16% market share.

Samsung and HiSilicon (Huawei) were the two manufacturers that dropped the list . Samsung started using Qualcomm processors instead of its own production Exynos in mid-range devices, as a result, it lost 3 points and fell to 8%Huawei, on the other hand, has been unable to produce processors for a long time, resulting in a sharp decline and gaining 2% market share .

The main striking point is when it comes to 5G chipsets . While there were slight changes in Qualcomm and Apple's market share , MediaTek managed to increase its share from 15 % to 28% . Huawei's almost zero market share in 5G chips and the strong performance of the Dimensity series played a key role in MediaTek's big breakthrough. In addition , it is considered certain that MediaTek will take the market leadership in the next quarter, according to analysts . Finally, let us state that the problems in semiconductor supply will be an important factor in this struggle.
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