Valve Released New CS: GO Update!

Valve has released CS: GO updates that bring many innovations . Here are the new additions and features coming to CS: GO with the update.
The indispensable of the game world, CS: GO has received another new update. CS: GO, which started Operation Broken Tooth a long time ago, ended the operation with this update. In addition, it added a case containing many new skins to the game. Now let's take a look at all the innovations that come with the update.
Valve has brought a new update to CS: GO, which has gained an important place in the market . The new CSGO update released on May 4 includes many innovations. But first, let's give details about the old operation.

Broken Tooth Operation is over!

As you know, there was already an operation in CS: GO . This operation, called Broken Tooth , ended with this update. Valve gave users who did not evaluate their stars in the operation until May 15. In other words , users will be able to collect their rewards until May 15 .

New Snake Bite Case and Subscription Service!

On the other hand, when we look at the new feature added to the game, we see that a subscription service is now available. Called CS: GO 360 , this subscription service records players' data from official competitive matches. Of course, it also offers to users. In this way, users can see their data in the game in detail.

Adding a case called Snakebit Case, which contains new skins to the game , Valve, we can say that it has already attracted users to the game. Users who want to have the safe have already started playing the game. If we look inside the case, the Snake Bite case with 17 new skins includes skins for many weapons. The coating made especially for the M4A4 is almost dazzling.

Corrections have been made in the maps!

If we look at the other innovations in the game, the chickens, which are indispensable for the death match, were renewed. Chickens now look different visually. On the other hand, texture defects that occurred with previous security updates have been fixed. Additionally, new security and image fixes have been added to the game. The Acient map has been added to the Active Duty group. Train map has been removed from the Active Duty group. On the other hand, Grind and Mocha maps have been added to official matches. Settings such as lighting and shading have been added to the Acient, Nuke and Frostbite maps .

In general, when we look at the new CSGO update, we see that many innovations have been added to the game. However, it should be noted that the most striking point in this update is the new case. Likewise, players are looking forward to seeing the new skins in the game. Let's see how it will be moved to a size with this 1.0GB update coming to CS: GO. Do you think the number of players of CS: GO will increase even for a while? You can express your ideas in the comments.
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