The beta process begins for the Android version of Clubhouse!

New information about the Clubhouse Android version has emerged. As you know, the social media application, which gained great popularity in a short time, was only available on the iOS platform. The first steps are taken for the application that the Android operating system users observe. As Paul Davidson , one of the inventors of the application, said before, we will have Clubhouse in the current month . Because the beta process for the Android version of the popular social media application has begun.

Closed beta for Android version of Clubhouse has begun!

Social media applications continue to increase their diversity day by day. With these applications, which have a very important place in today's world, users also have different experiences. In addition to applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram , new applications with different features are emerging every day. The last of these apps is the Clubhouse we are all familiar with . Promising a different experience to its users with its voice chat rooms, this application wants to reach more people. As of now, the iOS operating system devices available for use in these applications, expands its platform support. Paul Davidson, one of the inventors of the application, made a statement before,He had announced that they would definitely release it to Android . The first signals have started to come from the application, which is expected to be Android version with curiosity . Closed beta process for Clubhouse Android version has started as of now.

A plan article for May was published on the official website of the application. In the blog post, there is a list of to-do and to-do related to the current month. However, the most striking detail in this list is of course related to the Android version of the application . Because it has officially been announced that the closed beta process has started for the Clubhouse Android version. The developer team announced that the Android version of the application is not yet available to everyone. However, the developer team announced to their fans that the testing process has officially started. The version tested by the developers will soon be on AndroidThe information that it will appear to its users has also emerged. However, we came across other details regarding the testing process of the application. Developers located between Mopew Ogundip to, changed its profile within the application. Ogundipe  announced to its followers via Twitter that it is included in the closed beta process . The phrase "sent from iPhone" has changed in the Clubhouse profile . Ogundipe 's account now says "Sent from Pixel" . In this way , a second evidence emerged that the Androidversion was developed.

Clubhouse has inspired other social media applications as well!

The voice chat application did not only show its effect among users. Many different social media applications try to integrate Clubhouse- like features. Finally, as you know, Twitter made a similar move. The feature called Spaces came to the world famous social media application. In this way, users can create chat rooms with their own followers just like in the Clubhouse application. In particular, Android is not the version Clubhouse from the popularity of the application Twitter also can benefit. Reddit and Instagram as well as Twitter  applications also rolled up their sleeves for a similar feature. Reddit has likewise included the feature , which it calls Talk, into the beta process. For now, only "mods" are allowed to speak in the app . Another social media giant, Instagram , handles the business a little differently. Because with Instagram Live , it is possible for the speakers to participate in the conversation without opening an image. In this way, users will experience a clubhouse- like experience. It is claimed that there will be more social media applications with this feature in the future.

Developments continue to come to the current version for Clubhouse, which is late for Android and has to divide its share of the cake a little . Developers who integrate the notification system aim for users to reach the publishers they follow more easily. In addition, it turned out that the in-app algorithm has been thoroughly developed. A more advanced suggestion and notification system for users will now be available in the app. The social media application, which reached 8 million downloads in February , seems to continue to expand its popularity. May 2021 for Android versionWhile the date is given, the effects of the version are already a matter of curiosity. However, it is not yet clear whether the application, which is in the closed beta process, will switch to open beta. Let's see if the Clubhouse Android version will take social media by storm.
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