Epic Games spent $ 11 million in the first 9 months for free games!

Epic Games initially spent a lot of money for free games. The company, which wants to attract more players to its ecosystem with free games, has a high amount of money. During the trial of the world-famous company with Apple, it became clear how much money it spent in the first 9 months when it launched free games . From December 2018 to September 2019 , the company spent $ 11.6 million for free games . In addition, it became clear how many new members the company included in its system during this period.

Epic Games spent $ 11.6 million in the first 9 months for free games!

We have entered the digital age in the game world. In these days, when digital games are selling more than boxed games, new competition branches have emerged between platforms. Platforms such as the Epic Games Store, Steam, Origin and Xbox PC Store are trying every way to reach more players. Undoubtedly, Epic Games made the most successful start of these companies . The firm made a very aggressive introduction to creating its own ecosystem. The company, which wants to increase the number of users with free games, has also achieved very successful works in this regard. In addition, Epic Games has also agreed with the producers to create a special game for its own ecosystem ,Sometimes he managed to be in the focus of his criticism. However, our topic today is the company's free game policy. Epic Games , which is in a tight lawsuit with Apple, has spent the money it has spent since December 2018,when it started distributing free games .

The company's performance report published in October 2019 came out. According to this report, the money spent by the company for free games was also revealed. Epic Games to play free games in December 2018 'from September 2019 up to the filmmakers to play free games in total 11.6 million dollars was paid. In the report, where a detailed table of how much payment was made for which game, the number of users won by the company was also revealed. Epic Games said hello to nearly 5 million new users thanks to free games, according to the report . Also, dividing the money the firm spends for each new player who sign up, $ 2.37It turned out to be costing. So Epic Games spent $ 2.37  per 5 million users . However, it seems that the company could not earn as much money as it wanted in the first 9 months. It was learned that only 7% of the users who bought free games from the store at least once spent additional money.

Epic Games' most paid game Batman Arkham series!

The report shows how much money was spent on which individual game. According to this list, the firm spent the most money on Batman Arkham series. The company has invested a total of $ 1.5 million in a series of four games . However, Subnautica is the game where the most money is spent on a singular basis 1.4 million dollars came out of the case for the production, which is the first game given by the company for free . Likewise, considering the number of members won, the highest entry was in the Batman Arkham series. Thanks to the Batman Arkham series, more than 600 thousand users have entered the ecosystem in total . In addition, the percentage of the increase in the period when the series is free is 10%.has been recorded as. On the other hand, there is a significant increase in the number of active users in the week when the Batman Arkham series is free. Because 50% of the members were active within that week. In addition, the company had more entries than Fortnite in the number of active users that month .

In addition to all these figures, there are some remarkable details. For example, Metro 2033 Redux game came free to Epic Games . The producer firm Deep Silver does not seem to have made any additional requests from the company for its game. However, it would be wrong to think that this situation is not related to Metro Exodus. Because the company had a special game agreement with Deep SilverYou can review the file here to get a detailed look at Epic Games' performance for the first 9 months . Apart from this information, what the company does in the next process is also very curious. Especially the firm's GTA VIt is a great curiosity about how much he spent and how many users he reached in the process he gave free. For now, additional information to this report, which includes the first 9 months , is likely to emerge in the future. Let's see if Epic Games will achieve its goal of reaching more users with free games.
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