Galaxy Z Fold 3 may come with an under-screen camera!

A new leak has emerged regarding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 models. The two leading series of folding screen smartphones are getting ready to come up with their new members. There was a new leak that included the design details of the two devices, some technical details of which were previously revealed. With the leaks carried out over Weibo, the color options and general lines of the two devices became clear. Accordingly, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 seems to have under-screen camera technology.

Galaxy Z Fold3 comes with an under-screen camera?

Samsung continues to invest in a folding screen smartphone. The South Korean giant will soon appear before its users with two new folding screen devices. Having an important place in the competition, the company wants to reach an even stronger position. Developing the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip series, the technology giant develops two different models suitable for different needs. New information continues to emerge about new devices that have been counted down. Design details of the two-fold screen device emerged shortly before its launch. The talked with his name on Twitter leaks Universe II account, this time Weibo over the Galaxy Z Fold3 andGalaxy Z showed Flip3  models to its fans. While the designs of the devices are evident, some details seem to have changed considerably compared to the previous generations. Especially the Galaxy Z Fold3 model seems to have an important feature. In addition, we had the opportunity to take a look at the color options of the devices whose designs were revealed.

If we start with the Galaxy Z Fold3 , one of the leaking devices , the folding screen model can be on the market with a revolutionary feature. Some expressions in the leaked images created a bomb effect on the agenda. Apparently, Samsung will officially include under-screen camera technology with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 . Because in a visual, the first device with foldable under-screen cameras draws attention. In this way, the company may have the opportunity to use this technology for the first time. However, the highly anticipated device draws attention with its fold-in structure. The folding screen device, whose outer screen has shrunk compared to the previous generation, will have a perforated screen on the outside. However, the screen refresh rate of the folding screen model is alsoIt welcomes us as 120 Hz . In addition, the device will have the ability to stand still at a 90 degree angle with the S-Pen support . In this way, users will have a more comfortable experience while taking notes.

Design details of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 model have also emerged!

New information has also emerged about the Galaxy Z Flip 3 , another Samsung product with a folding screen . The design details of the device, which is included in the smartphone competition compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 model, have been revealed in the same way. The smartphone reminds us of the Google Pixel models in terms of the rear camera module and the location of the second screen . There is also an increase in the size of the second screen of the smartphone, which has two rear cameras. The smartphone, which will be released with Gorilla Glass Victus glass, will take part in the flagship competition. The folding screen smartphone power Snapdragon 888 will take from the processor. However, the smartphone whose screen details are not clear will have four different color options. These colors will be black, white, green and purple, respectively.

The device with two folding screens will also have a vertical rear camera setup. Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be released with triple rear camera setup and one front camera. Unfortunately, the camera features of both devices were not clear. In addition, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 model will have the same color options as the Galaxy Z Flip 3 model. Samsung has opted for a two-tone color concept for its fashion counterpart devices . It is claimed that the highly anticipated devices will be introduced towards the summer. Thanks to the leaked advertising images, expectations about the devices have increased considerably. Let's see if the company succeeds in securing its place in the market with its two folding screen devices, we will wait and see.
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