Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 will come with a 25W charger!

New information about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 continues to emerge. The device, which will be the last member of the folding screen smartphone competition, is subject to certification platforms. Finally, the Chinese 3C associated with the box contents certified devices undergo certain details of the new site was. The South Korean giant has received a certificate for the charger that will be included in the box. The folding screen smartphone will have the same device as the previous generation in the box.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 comes with a 25W charger!

Foldable screen smartphones now have a standard place in the market. Devices that always manage to be phones and tablets at the same time promise wide possibilities to their users. The popularity of devices that want to be an important alternative in terms of ergonomics is increasing day by day. In this competition, in which many Android smartphone manufacturers are or will be involved, companies continue to produce new models. Samsung , one of the leading companies in the folding smartphone market , has also started the countdown for its new device. The South Korean giant is preparing to meet its users with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3  model. The smartphone manufacturer is subjected to many certification platforms with its new generation device. The device with the folding screen is the last ChineseIt has received a new certificate from the 3C platform. New information about the contents of the box of the highly anticipated device has emerged.

Details about the charger that will come out of the box of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 model have been revealed  . The capacity of the charger listed on the certification site is exactly 25W. The company decided to make the charger of the Galaxy Z Fold3 model the same as the Galaxy Z Fold2 . Even the model numbers (EP-TA800) of the two chargers are the same. However, it is considered that the folding screen device has a higher capacity fast charging support. However, there is still no information about the charging support that the smartphone will offer to its users. Samsung wants to meet its users with a lighter model ,It will take out its device with a battery with a lower capacity than the previous generation. The device with the folding screen will have a battery capacity of 4275 mAh. This figure was 4500  mAh in the previous model. The battery of the device consists of a two-cell system. With the combination of two batteries, 2,215 mAh and 2,060 mAh , the battery of the folding screen device is formed.

The folding screen device could hit the market with the Snapdragon 888!

The folding screen smartphone will have flagship performance. Despite this situation we are used to throughout the series, it is not clear with which processor the device will be released. Because the folding screen device is claimed to use one of the Snapdragon and Exynos processors. According to the first information, the Snapdragon 888 processor is more likely to be included in the device. However, Samsung can welcome us with a model with Exynos 2100 processor, just in case . However, the smartphone will have high-capacity RAM and storage options. In addition, the folding screen smartphone will have S-Pen support. Firm Galaxy NoteSaying goodbye to its series, it also integrates S-Pen support with its other devices. However, the contents of the box folding screen device S-Pen will take place in the device, however, the S-Pen will take place entry.

With the flagship performance Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 , the company is changing in size. The folding screen device will be lighter with the new generation. For this reason, Samsung decided to make the outer screen of the device 5.4 inches, making clipping in some areas . In the previous generation, the outer screen was 6.23 inches . However, the inner screen of the folding screen device is larger than the previous generation. Although there is no big difference, 10% of the internal screen of the Galaxy Z Fold3A growth of 'is remarkable. However, the folding screen device will come to the market with a very small external screen compared to other competitors. However, the South Korean giant will include ultra-thin glass technology in its new generation device. It is also claimed that the device will be water resistant. The device, which is expected to take the stage at Samsung 's Unpacked event, wants to make a good introduction to the market. Let's see if the company will succeed in being a pioneer in the folding smartphone market.
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