Microsoft has lowered its share of game developers!

Microsoft wants to multiply its influence in the game world. The company will give more support to game developers according to the latest news. The firm decided to reduce its share of the producers in order to reduce their costs. Game makers will now get more shares of their sales in Microsoft stores. In particular , it seems that Microsoft's development of this highly praised development made by Epic Games will increase the competition in the game world in the future.

Microsoft will bring more game developers!

As you know, one of the most important issues in the game world is costs. The effort and financial burden of game developers spent during production is also reflected in the players. Especially nowadays, when digital games normally occupy a large place in the market, it constitutes an important alternative in stores. These alternatives, led by Steam, Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store , are in a position of importance for game developers as well as players. Many companies, who do not want to lose players by increasing the prices due to the increasing construction costs, are turning to the platforms where they have the best opportunity to earn. Developers, who give a certain share to the stores, are closer to some platforms. Microsoft, which has not been active for a long time as a store in the game world ,decided to take new steps to increase competition. The company will change its price policy with the developers with its announcement.

According to the statement, Microsoft decided to reduce its share to 12% . Thus, game developers will now earn 8% revenue per unit sales . In the past Microsoft this figure to 30% 'was a fix. Although it is an important issue for developers, the main motivation of the firm is the players. Making the announcement with a blog post, the company announced that their priority is the players. With the article written by Xbox Game Studio official Matt Booty , the company will enter the PC game world in 2021.and what it can add to the future has been announced. As a priority, the company wants to attract more players. Therefore, it is aimed to increase the number of quality content that players will encounter by making more money for developers. This is how the company changes the terms in the Microsoft Store . The software giant has also caught the advantages of the Epic Games Store with new rates . The new price policy will take effect on August 1, 2021 . Perhaps, in the future, certain decreases may occur in game prices.

Despite the changing price policies, Steam maintains its silence!

In these days, when the Epic Games Store and Microsoft , as a developer friend, are kind of heating up the game world, Steam remains quiet. The platform, which is the number one brand in the digital game world, unfortunately continues its old-fashioned system. The company, which has a 30% share from the developers, has managed to become the most expensive platform in this regard. Steam makes the reductions in the share based on sales figures. That is, if a game exceeds the $ 10 million revenue threshold, the developer's share increases to 75% . Likewise, in the games that exceed the 50 million threshold, the company will increase its share demand by 20%.attracts to. However, this situation annoys the developers. According to a poll conducted at the Game Developers Conference, Steam 's system does not seem very fair. 3 thousand in the opinion of the survey participants reported that just over 3% 'luxury segment Steam ' satisfied with the prices policy. Participants are aware that with the developing technology, Steam is not the only alternative. As such, question marks about the popularity of Steam continue to increase.

With this development that comes to the interests of players and developers, it seems that the Epic Games Store and Microsoft Store will have a very advantageous position in terms of PC games. Because it aims to be the preferred platform instead of increasing the share of the cake in the two stores. Balances in the market may be turned upside down, with the development likely to be reflected in game prices. Because two of the three important stores now want to be more player and developer friendly. However, the Microsoft front, which has a significant weight in the game console market , wants to seize all kinds of opportunities. The company had previously played with the settings of the market with the Game Pass system. With the latest developments, eyes are nowOn the Steam front. The next move of the platform is intriguing. Let's see if there will be a change in Steam price policy, we will wait and see.
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